Umm, just watch

Okay, this video is a good example of why your friends hesitate when you invite them to church…they have seen this….and don’t want to see it again….I laughed cause it was funny..I laughed harder cause I know these people really do exist…—-link now dead…look below

We are trying to get Yasha, Lauren and Aggie to work this up for Sunday

I got this from Paul’s pastor..great blog here

okay, so as Travis points out the video has been pulled but check here for more of there stuff….


One Response to “Umm, just watch”

  1. travjohnson Says:

    First, thanks for the link.

    Second, I’m sorry to inform you that the video has been pulled by “The Way” and is no longer available on YouTube. Fortunately, you can still find it directly on their website:

    Along with that sweet diddy, you can find some other great hits like “He’s Our Promised Seed,” which is the jam!!! The collection of songs is here:

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