Vacation Pics

June 3, 2008

So I got some vacation pics up..check em out here


Vacation pictures



June 3, 2008

So I preached Sunday on Happiness.  It is the first in a series called Survivor that I am working on.

I am fastenated right now with how much I am not good at living out Psalm 100

I love the verse..”serve the Lord with Gladness.”  I am trying to get very good at serving the lord with gladness.  I can testify that I am much better at it today than I was two weeks ago.  I don’t want to serve God out of duty or compulsion, but I want to serve the Lord with gladness and happiness.

Also, not letting circumstances dictate happiness.  I haven’t been real good at that. I think that is one of the harder things to master actually.  So, when you let circumstances you give control of your happiness to someone else.  Anyway, don’t wanna do that…later


June 3, 2008

Family Vacation 2008 has come and gone!! Sad that it came and went so quickly but what memories we created!!  I know I promised live updates…but… seems that our hotel didn’t have FREE internet….

Let me just insert a small commentary..From now on when taking family vacation to San Antonio we will opt to pay the extra $20 per night to stay in the Airport Embassy Suites as oppossed to the NW Med Center Embassy Suites….I don’t think it is too outlandish for me to assume that when I am paying $150 per night the internet should not be $12 a day…i think my friends the Seifipours encountered this at a much more expensive hotel I might add…But i was miffed that within four miles of our hotel there were 6 count ’em 6 hotels whose rate was under $50 a night that  had free interent!!!  So, there ya live updates!!

Anyway, that wasn’t the end of my troubles with the hotel management actually…the employees were great and worried about our well being..Like when our shower would just run out of water one day..that was just a wonderful experience.

We did everything you can want to do and more at Sea World, the Clydesdales, Dine with Shamu..which was really cool!  We got to see Haylen which is a what that was just born last time we were there..She’s 2000lbs now.  We were shocked at how well the girls were able to interact with the animals and the shows…There vacabulary now includes..sea lion..whales (which lani says with a big texas accent), Mamu, and fish, and ashlyn says dolphin.

Kalen wasn’t quite big enough for rollercoasters…next year we think..He did ride Journey to Atlatnis with me, which is like a log ride on steroids….

I am going to try and upload some photos…something about my internet connection here isn’t letting me…

Can’t wait until the next vacation



Elmo pees in the toilet apparently

May 14, 2008

So, everyday is a new journey and a new exciting discovery in our house these days.

We were getting ready to go to OKC last Saturday for a family fun day as we call it.  Kalen and I were playing video games and Yasha was gathering the girls things.  We have had to be careful to close our bathroom door lately because of the girls fascination with the toilet as their primary hand washing device.  We have recently introduced the concept of the toilet to the girls and they have their own little toilets on the floor of the bathroom.  Yes, our bathroom is  now a three seater.

Needless to say, I hear a chorus of “toilet, toilet, toilet” coming from the bathroom…I jump up call Yasha and we head toward the bathroom to find the offender.  We arrive to the sight of the girls gathered around the toilet with poor little elmo stuffed in the toilet.  It was one of those parental moments where you want to be made but just can’t.  As we assess the situation, Lani looks up as only she can and says excitedly, “Elmo pee pee in toilet!!!”  As I tell her I see that, Ashlyn chimes in “YEAH!!!!!!”….so, as of today, Elmo is well on his way to potty training…girls not so much

We also took the girls out for ice cream for the first time on Sunday.  What a fun day!! I will put picutres up soon…Thinking about making the jump to photobucket

We are two t-ball games in and we are having alot of fun.  Kalen continues to hit the ball really well. This is his first year of t-ball but will probably move up to coach pitch next year.  Coaching t-ball is alot of fun, but I never imagined how much work it would be.

Yasha and I went out last night for dinner and a movie…I think it was only our 2nd or 3rd date since the girls were born…we decided we need to do that more…We function better when we have time together.  Seems like a simple concept but when you get busy you just forget…

Meredith’s Andrews new album is out.  She is really good.  I got to play drums for her last year.  Cool cd that I like to listen to in my quiet time…check it out!!

See everyone soon!!

Happy Thursday…ur town..ur name??

May 8, 2008

Happy Thursday Everyone!! 

I am doing well….I got a reprieve from a trip to Ramona, Oklahoma today so all is well…..The ideas of towns with the same name as a co-worker interests me for some reason…anyone have cities bearing the same name…I will go check for Daniel…

LOCATION FOUND!!!!  and seems fairly useless

DANIEL, WYOMING- it sits on highway 189 south of Jackson Hole. Wow..only a population of 89.  Not many people want to live in a town named Daniel it seems. I am choosing to take this as more an indictment on Wyoming and that no one wants to live there than on me or my name… So let me know about towns bearing your namesake….seems like a fun thursday game.

It would take Daniel 17 hours and 50 minutes to drive to Daniel. 


We once went to Shawnee Colorado on vacation. Dad then thought we should visit all the Shawnee’s in America….Glad that plan never developed.  What an exciting childhood I would have had. -all the info you could want about Daniel, Wyoming,_Colorado– Shawnee, Colorado my friends

(on a side note..if you can tell me quickly how to just type Shawnee, Colorado..and make it into the link i want it to go i would appreciate it…color me to lazy to figure it out right now)

So Top Chef was good last night, although a little boring…sometimes when they do a special event it can be a little dull as the food is a little less flamboyant and out there.  It was Nikki’s time to go..When all you can really do well is make pasta maybe you should be on Top Housewife not so much Top Chef.  I am dying to make an attempt at Beef Wellington.  It just looks so much fun to make…Also Gordon Ramsey did a recipe for Pressed Pork Belly that look great. 

Also, been really getting into Carrier on PBS.  Really interesting documentary of life on the Nimitz.  I have missed a few episodes, so I am trying to catch up…thinking about buying the whole series on DVD..and one for my Grandpa..He talks so fondly of his time at sea, i think he would really enjoy it.

I think one of my best memories with him is I went to their house for the weekend and he pulled out all his old Navy pictures.  We spent hours going through them.  The best part was a picture of him with a “little lady in Guam”.  He said, “Grandma doesn’t really like the pictures with her”, as Grandma rumbled out of the room muttering…Good times


Two weeks from today it’s Sea World..Kids are excited..Kalen got his ID for flying yesterday…He makes sure to tell everyone that he can’t drive it’s just an ID.  I feel sorry for those poor employees of Southwest Airlines who will have to deal with us.

18 Months- an update of us

May 1, 2008

So, yesterday the twins turned a year and a half.  No big party here, just contemplation and thankfulness.  They are really coming into their own.  Their vocabularies are now well over a hundred words, and they pretty much repeat anything you say.  We talk about Dora, strawberries, and even the occassional cantalope.  It really sounds more like wanawope, but we get there point. 

On the coaching front, I have started my career as a T-ball coach.  Brandon Columbus and I are coaching a team.  The feared Orioles!!  Quite an adventure.  Our first game is next week and Kalen is very excited.  I’m sure I will update the blog with pics of the little tike…Oh, in case you care, his head is shaved now.  I think I am probably living a little vicariously through him.  It’s a parent thing.  My parents never let me…and I kind of have the scar thing going on in the back of my head!! 

We leave for Sea World three weeks from today, and everyone is quite excited.  It’s going to be great get away for us and comes at a great time.  We have so many wonderful memories at Sea World.  I have been going since I was a little kid and some of our best memories as parents are when we took Kalen.  We are flying this year which will be Kalen’s first flight and he is excited.  The girls run around the house saying “MAMU!!!”  I am sure we will be quite a sight around the airports.  Our five bags, two car seats, and a double stroller.  I can’t wait!!  I am sure we will take the computer to update the trip. 

Well, now that you are all updated…let the randomness begin.  Television, Family happenings,’s all comin friends