Pee in the Cup and get your check

I got an email the other day that got me thinking.

Should we and could we require that people pass a drug test in order to qualify for government aid.  Things such as welfare, housing, etc.

I have to say…i am all for this.  This would obviously have to pass the ol’ Constitutional test in the courts, but I believe that if it did go before a level headed judge it would pass.  It would obviously be challenged under the pretense of the IV Amendment.  The far left would decry this as an “obvious” invasion of our privacy and a violation of our rights. 

So the question balance of this question tips on whether you believe someone’s right to privacy outweighs the government responsiblity to manage taxpayer dollars.  Charles Murray talks about some of this in his book, What it Means to be a Libertarian.  I am not a professing Libertarian, although I believe my Conservative values don’t fall to far from Libertarian beliefs.

You see, I fiercly believe that the government does a horrible job of managing tax dollars collected.  I know that is no breaking news to anyone.  However, I am convinced that if the Republican candidates would run on the platform of stopping goverernment mismangement of funds that they would encounter great success.  I believe the first priority of government is to protect the people..second is to manage funds collected. 

Therefore, the goverernment has a RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that the funds compelled from me in the form of taxes aren’t used to purchase drugs and other forms of illegal contraband.  Taxpayers don’t give up portions of their checks in order to fund drug habits.  You have seen it in the case of Hurricane Katrina.  The FEMA issued debit cards were used for purchases of Louis Vitton handbags, adult entertainment, breast implants, plasma TV’s, etc.  Not a good use of tax dollars if you ask me.

So, the argument would go that requiring people to pass a drug test would be an invasion of their privacy.  A God given right.  A constitutional guarantee……Well, individual rights do not exist in a vacuum.  Your individual rights only extend as far as they don’t infringe on another person’s right.  You do have freedom of speech and can use it as you see fit…but that right stops when you start slandering someone. 

So, if the government places a requirement for eligibilty that a person pass a drug test in order to receive government funds…I believe their right to privacy ends when they accept government money.  No person has a right to receive money for groceries, housing, or anything else from the government.  These programs were put in place because Americans are good people….mericiful people….generous people.  Because government assitance is not an individual right…it can be regulated.

If you do not wish to comply with the regulations……don’t take the money.  When you say give me the money, you agree to comply with the conditions….no complying….no deposits


That’s my view..i’m tired of funding people’s crack habits


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