The $200 toilet rental

So, Saturday afternoon, Kalen, dad, and i trudged down to Norman for the sacrificial offering of Tenn-Chatanooga to the football gods at the hands of our great Sooners.  It was one of those great sentimental plans….you know me taking my dad and my son to a game…a great male experience to be remembered for years.

So, I bought tickets..we get in the stadium…and right at kickoff..Kalen gets sick…fever, throwing up and the joys that come with that…..So, essentially i bought $200 worth of rental time at an Owen Field toilet….we decided to leave at halftime….we got just south of the stadium and a good ol’ Oklahoma thunderstorm erupted…I’m not talking a little refreshing rain..I swear the drops were the size of golf balls….I have taken showers with less water pressure than the rain I was walking in….and the lightning was so close that people would scream and it was as if tanks were firing.

We made the 1 1/4 mile walk to the car with dad and I splitting Kalen on our shoulders, as he was too weak to walk.  He is not light…as was confirmed to me Saturday…

Anyway, all is fine now..and I guess if it was all for memories…this I shall soon not forget….hopefully it is the last time i rent a toilet for $200


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