Gov. Sarah Palin

Having known only an hour, I realize it is still early..but at first glance, I really like McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin to be VP.  Seems like a really good choice and to have caught the Dems off balance..a good thing.

I think they will try fairly quickly to tie her to Ted Stevens…not sure if there is any linkage there..I would assume not since she was vetted…She is a mom, a governor, looks good on camera.  And I think it is important to remember that when Obama tried the bulldog approach on Hillary, his numbers started going down.

It seems a fresh choice…something that should be good for McCain…If Karl Rove thinks it is a good choice..sign me up…I am interested to hear what Dick Morris has to say.



okay, so I have been doing some reading on Gov. Palin..really like her….i did find this funny

yahoo news did an article and in the last line mentions her child with downs syndrome…here is what they said:

“She and her husband Todd Palin, have five children. The latest, a baby, was born with Down syndrome.”

What an amazing woman..she gave birth to…A BABY!!!  Thanks for your deep digging yahoo..I would hate to put someone in the office of Vice President that was giving birth to aliens or chickens…

I am not at any way making light of the disabled child..anyone who knows us knows we have a special place for that…only the journalism involved


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