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Gov. Sarah Palin

August 29, 2008

Having known only an hour, I realize it is still early..but at first glance, I really like McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin to be VP.  Seems like a really good choice and to have caught the Dems off balance..a good thing.

I think they will try fairly quickly to tie her to Ted Stevens…not sure if there is any linkage there..I would assume not since she was vetted…She is a mom, a governor, looks good on camera.  And I think it is important to remember that when Obama tried the bulldog approach on Hillary, his numbers started going down.

It seems a fresh choice…something that should be good for McCain…If Karl Rove thinks it is a good choice..sign me up…I am interested to hear what Dick Morris has to say.



okay, so I have been doing some reading on Gov. Palin..really like her….i did find this funny

yahoo news did an article and in the last line mentions her child with downs syndrome…here is what they said:

“She and her husband Todd Palin, have five children. The latest, a baby, was born with Down syndrome.”

What an amazing woman..she gave birth to…A BABY!!!  Thanks for your deep digging yahoo..I would hate to put someone in the office of Vice President that was giving birth to aliens or chickens…

I am not at any way making light of the disabled child..anyone who knows us knows we have a special place for that…only the journalism involved


Olympics Wrap-up

August 25, 2008

Okay, so I know I have been bad and not written….But now school is back in session and the kids are tucked away in their little caves of learning.  Thus, I am back in the office everyday, and aim to blog 4-5 times a week.

Our house was very unenthusiastic about the Olympics beforehand..but as usual, we became mesmerized once they got started.  Here are 20 Olympics tid-bits from our house:

1.  MICHAEL PHELPS!!!  We were totally addicted to the swimming..Kind of a let down once the events from the Water Cube were over.  Dude is amazing!!  Best shot was between him after the Freestyle relay or his mom when she thought he lost in the butterfly…good stuff

2.  Officiating in international basketball is a complete joke.  Junior High officiating in our league is more consistent..with the rules being applied more correctly i might add…

3.  Everytime I see Shawn Johnson smile….my face hurts

4.  NBC was running out of things to cover when Saturday night they showed an entire marathon…seriously

5.  Gymnastics is not a sport…it is a competition…(YES, the gymnasts are athletes..that is not under debate)  Sports have defineable rules and consistent scoring systems…gymnastics is a Cold War political athletic event. 

6.  Gymnastic tie-breakers are a joke….why should you win gold because you scored higher on an easier routine……umm, you should score higher because the routine is…you know, EASIER!!!

7.  We should talk to Ralph Lauren and his boys about getting the Water Polo dudes some new wardrobes…

8.  I was glad that we beat China in the medal count…

9.  I still think Becky Hammon was wrong to play for Russia in women’s basketball

10.  The fact that NBC did not have the Semi Final game in men’s basketball on live is an atrocity

11.  I tried but couldn’t get into diving this time

12.  While I like her, I thought Nastia Lukin should have worn national colors in the all around competition.  She is competing for herself but still representing her country.

13.  That Bolt dude is FAST

14.  Opening ceremony was cool

15.  Fowles should have gotten more PT in women’s basketball

16.  Wish I had seen more equestrian

17.  Like Natalie Coughlin

18.  Beach Volleyball was cool…a little wierd that Misty May-Treanor has a tatoo honoring Jason Kidd..but whatever

19.  London will suck because of the time difference

20.  Really happy for USA Men’s volleyball after the senseless tragedy involving Coach McCutheon’s father-n-law