Family Vacation 2008 has come and gone!! Sad that it came and went so quickly but what memories we created!!  I know I promised live updates…but… seems that our hotel didn’t have FREE internet….

Let me just insert a small commentary..From now on when taking family vacation to San Antonio we will opt to pay the extra $20 per night to stay in the Airport Embassy Suites as oppossed to the NW Med Center Embassy Suites….I don’t think it is too outlandish for me to assume that when I am paying $150 per night the internet should not be $12 a day…i think my friends the Seifipours encountered this at a much more expensive hotel I might add…But i was miffed that within four miles of our hotel there were 6 count ’em 6 hotels whose rate was under $50 a night that  had free interent!!!  So, there ya live updates!!

Anyway, that wasn’t the end of my troubles with the hotel management actually…the employees were great and worried about our well being..Like when our shower would just run out of water one day..that was just a wonderful experience.

We did everything you can want to do and more at Sea World, the Clydesdales, Dine with Shamu..which was really cool!  We got to see Haylen which is a what that was just born last time we were there..She’s 2000lbs now.  We were shocked at how well the girls were able to interact with the animals and the shows…There vacabulary now includes..sea lion..whales (which lani says with a big texas accent), Mamu, and fish, and ashlyn says dolphin.

Kalen wasn’t quite big enough for rollercoasters…next year we think..He did ride Journey to Atlatnis with me, which is like a log ride on steroids….

I am going to try and upload some photos…something about my internet connection here isn’t letting me…

Can’t wait until the next vacation




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