So I preached Sunday on Happiness.  It is the first in a series called Survivor that I am working on.

I am fastenated right now with how much I am not good at living out Psalm 100

I love the verse..”serve the Lord with Gladness.”  I am trying to get very good at serving the lord with gladness.  I can testify that I am much better at it today than I was two weeks ago.  I don’t want to serve God out of duty or compulsion, but I want to serve the Lord with gladness and happiness.

Also, not letting circumstances dictate happiness.  I haven’t been real good at that. I think that is one of the harder things to master actually.  So, when you let circumstances you give control of your happiness to someone else.  Anyway, don’t wanna do that…later


One Response to “Happiness”

  1. danieladrien Says:

    Not letting circumstances dictate happiness is a tough one for me too. So often we’re so consumed with “circumstances” in our lives that it can seem imposible to see past them. I suppose that’s where we have to trust God for a beneficial out come of whatever cirsumstances we’re dealing with, or trust that whatever negative circumstances that may be in our lives will be rectafied but, that is not an always an easy thing to do. I guess regaurding that it come back to serving God. If we’re obdient, and we seek God, and follow the instructions the word gives us, we have a promise that we’ll be in need of nothing. Sometimes that promise is just out of sight for humans… It’s a good thing God is patient 🙂

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