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Umm, 10th Amendment still valid…right?

June 18, 2008

So, yesterday Sen. Arlen Specter announces he isn’t going to push for anymore hearings regarding the NFL and “spygate”.  Essentially he said he has pushed as far as he can without anyone caring and still…no one cares….so he stops…. The whole thing was a horse and pony show with alterior motives…more on that later.

I was much more interested in something hidden in the bottom of the release…check it out here. He says that he is now going to look in to public financing of stadiums.

Excuse me Mr. Specter, while I admire your fight against cancer and the way that you managed the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, you are now showing your true Washington bureaucratic ways.  Essentially, I think this is why people hate politicians.  They stick there nose in everything and it only costs us (taxpayers) money for their horse and pony show. 

Why is this stupid you ask?  More probable you are asking why should I care.  Well, there is this little thing called the tenth amendment in the constitution.  It essentially says that any power not expressly given to the federal government should be retained by the states.  So, I re-read the Constitution…turns out that the power to control financing of stadiums isn’t in the Constitution.  Funny, I always thought it was.

So why shouldn’t the Feds get involved?  Because all of these stadium projects are publicly funded not because some politician slipped it into a bill at the last minute without a vote (as routinely happens in Washington), but because they went to a vote of the people and guess what the people said…Yeah we will pay.  The people considered it a worthy investment and are paying for it themselves.  If you want to debate whether money should be given to multi-millionaire business men who could probably afford to build the stadium themselves while we have others in poverty and a under funded education system…have it…the cities that have approved stadiums have had just that debate and said…heck with education…we want sports.  Right or wrong, I’m not saying….but i am saying that the Feds should stay the heck away.

You see the Constitution wasn’t written by politicians to protect the government from people…It was written by level headed guys with names like Ben and Thomas, and a John or two.  They wrote it and offered it to the people for approval…It is the people’s document…not the government’s.  It was written to protect the people from the government.  It gives the people power…not Washington. 

So, now why was Specter so interested in Spygate anyway..I promised i would tell…You see, the NFL Network and Comcast are in a big legal battle..Comcast is trying to stick the NFL Network on a tier or where subscribers would have to pay extra to get it.  NFL says..not so fast as they want their fans to have it.  (and they want the money from the network being available to more subscribers).  So anyway, they are at odds.

So all of this calling the NFL on the proverbial carpet is going on while this legal dispute goes on…well, guess who is the largest contributor to Sen. Specter’s campaign…..ding ding ding COMCAST!!! 153,000 to date through its Political Action Committees.   Surely, a politician wouldn’t have a conflict of interest?? NOOOOOOOOOOO

Anyway, just what’s on my mind right now


4 Baseballs, 12 hot dogs, 2 large drinks and lots o fun

June 11, 2008

Last night Kalen and I made the trip to the Redhawks game in OKC.  It was so much fun to get out and be able to have a night with him.  We have kind of mastered the art of getting baseballs, so that always excites him..and me for that matter….two minutes in the gates and we have caught our first home run ball…we were running a little late so we only caught the last five minutes of batting practice.

To top it off, it is $1 hot dog night…we managed to devour 12 hot dogs (six apiece) and 2 large souvenier drinks….yum $5 sprite… we ended the night with four baseballs..would have been more but some pesky little kids who did not buy tickets in front of us decided to sit in front of us.  Thus ending our chances for more baseballs.  I thoguth about saying something sincfe I had paid premium minor league money for the seats but alas I didn’t. 

Kalen had a good time and that is what it was all about.  I wanted to make sure he had some special time since the girls had been a little ill and requiring more attention.  Makes me remember all the games that dad took me to growing up.  Dollar hot dog night is always good too…nothing like healthy grub!!


– I am so excited for WIPEOUT to start on ABC.  Maybe that is bad to take such pleasure in a show where it looks like people get injured…but the pure joy that overtakes me when the commercials come on is great. I think i have imparted that to Kalen as well.  When the commercials come on he gets that smile that takes up his whole face….check it out here   WIPEOUT-June 24th

That being said..I’m also pretty excited about I Survived a Japanese Game Show  since it airs on the same day as Wipeout….It should make for laugh out loud Tuesdays at our house.

-Bridget comes to live with us in less than two weeks.  The girls are excited about her coming…although I am not totally sure they understand what is going on, they just know that they want a puppy.

– my phone has died..which makes my heart sad…trying to buy a new one makes my wallet sad.

-I am now have the state of oklahoma’s authority to notarize…my parents are so proud



Vacation Pics

June 3, 2008

So I got some vacation pics up..check em out here


Vacation pictures


June 3, 2008

So I preached Sunday on Happiness.  It is the first in a series called Survivor that I am working on.

I am fastenated right now with how much I am not good at living out Psalm 100

I love the verse..”serve the Lord with Gladness.”  I am trying to get very good at serving the lord with gladness.  I can testify that I am much better at it today than I was two weeks ago.  I don’t want to serve God out of duty or compulsion, but I want to serve the Lord with gladness and happiness.

Also, not letting circumstances dictate happiness.  I haven’t been real good at that. I think that is one of the harder things to master actually.  So, when you let circumstances you give control of your happiness to someone else.  Anyway, don’t wanna do that…later


June 3, 2008

Family Vacation 2008 has come and gone!! Sad that it came and went so quickly but what memories we created!!  I know I promised live updates…but… seems that our hotel didn’t have FREE internet….

Let me just insert a small commentary..From now on when taking family vacation to San Antonio we will opt to pay the extra $20 per night to stay in the Airport Embassy Suites as oppossed to the NW Med Center Embassy Suites….I don’t think it is too outlandish for me to assume that when I am paying $150 per night the internet should not be $12 a day…i think my friends the Seifipours encountered this at a much more expensive hotel I might add…But i was miffed that within four miles of our hotel there were 6 count ’em 6 hotels whose rate was under $50 a night that  had free interent!!!  So, there ya live updates!!

Anyway, that wasn’t the end of my troubles with the hotel management actually…the employees were great and worried about our well being..Like when our shower would just run out of water one day..that was just a wonderful experience.

We did everything you can want to do and more at Sea World, the Clydesdales, Dine with Shamu..which was really cool!  We got to see Haylen which is a what that was just born last time we were there..She’s 2000lbs now.  We were shocked at how well the girls were able to interact with the animals and the shows…There vacabulary now includes..sea lion..whales (which lani says with a big texas accent), Mamu, and fish, and ashlyn says dolphin.

Kalen wasn’t quite big enough for rollercoasters…next year we think..He did ride Journey to Atlatnis with me, which is like a log ride on steroids….

I am going to try and upload some photos…something about my internet connection here isn’t letting me…

Can’t wait until the next vacation