Elmo pees in the toilet apparently

So, everyday is a new journey and a new exciting discovery in our house these days.

We were getting ready to go to OKC last Saturday for a family fun day as we call it.  Kalen and I were playing video games and Yasha was gathering the girls things.  We have had to be careful to close our bathroom door lately because of the girls fascination with the toilet as their primary hand washing device.  We have recently introduced the concept of the toilet to the girls and they have their own little toilets on the floor of the bathroom.  Yes, our bathroom is  now a three seater.

Needless to say, I hear a chorus of “toilet, toilet, toilet” coming from the bathroom…I jump up call Yasha and we head toward the bathroom to find the offender.  We arrive to the sight of the girls gathered around the toilet with poor little elmo stuffed in the toilet.  It was one of those parental moments where you want to be made but just can’t.  As we assess the situation, Lani looks up as only she can and says excitedly, “Elmo pee pee in toilet!!!”  As I tell her I see that, Ashlyn chimes in “YEAH!!!!!!”….so, as of today, Elmo is well on his way to potty training…girls not so much

We also took the girls out for ice cream for the first time on Sunday.  What a fun day!! I will put picutres up soon…Thinking about making the jump to photobucket

We are two t-ball games in and we are having alot of fun.  Kalen continues to hit the ball really well. This is his first year of t-ball but will probably move up to coach pitch next year.  Coaching t-ball is alot of fun, but I never imagined how much work it would be.

Yasha and I went out last night for dinner and a movie…I think it was only our 2nd or 3rd date since the girls were born…we decided we need to do that more…We function better when we have time together.  Seems like a simple concept but when you get busy you just forget…

Meredith’s Andrews new album is out.  She is really good.  I got to play drums for her last year.  Cool cd that I like to listen to in my quiet time…check it out!!

See everyone soon!!


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