Happy Thursday…ur town..ur name??

Happy Thursday Everyone!! 

I am doing well….I got a reprieve from a trip to Ramona, Oklahoma today so all is well…..The ideas of towns with the same name as a co-worker interests me for some reason…anyone have cities bearing the same name…I will go check for Daniel…

LOCATION FOUND!!!!  and seems fairly useless

DANIEL, WYOMING- it sits on highway 189 south of Jackson Hole. Wow..only a population of 89.  Not many people want to live in a town named Daniel it seems. I am choosing to take this as more an indictment on Wyoming and that no one wants to live there than on me or my name… So let me know about towns bearing your namesake….seems like a fun thursday game.

It would take Daniel 17 hours and 50 minutes to drive to Daniel. 


We once went to Shawnee Colorado on vacation. Dad then thought we should visit all the Shawnee’s in America….Glad that plan never developed.  What an exciting childhood I would have had.

http://wyoming.hometownlocator.com/WY/Sublette/Daniel.cfm -all the info you could want about Daniel, Wyoming

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawnee,_Colorado– Shawnee, Colorado my friends

(on a side note..if you can tell me quickly how to just type Shawnee, Colorado..and make it into the link i want it to go i would appreciate it…color me to lazy to figure it out right now)

So Top Chef was good last night, although a little boring…sometimes when they do a special event it can be a little dull as the food is a little less flamboyant and out there.  It was Nikki’s time to go..When all you can really do well is make pasta maybe you should be on Top Housewife not so much Top Chef.  I am dying to make an attempt at Beef Wellington.  It just looks so much fun to make…Also Gordon Ramsey did a recipe for Pressed Pork Belly that look great. 

Also, been really getting into Carrier on PBS.  Really interesting documentary of life on the Nimitz.  I have missed a few episodes, so I am trying to catch up…thinking about buying the whole series on DVD..and one for my Grandpa..He talks so fondly of his time at sea, i think he would really enjoy it.

I think one of my best memories with him is I went to their house for the weekend and he pulled out all his old Navy pictures.  We spent hours going through them.  The best part was a picture of him with a “little lady in Guam”.  He said, “Grandma doesn’t really like the pictures with her”, as Grandma rumbled out of the room muttering…Good times


Two weeks from today it’s Sea World..Kids are excited..Kalen got his ID for flying yesterday…He makes sure to tell everyone that he can’t drive it’s just an ID.  I feel sorry for those poor employees of Southwest Airlines who will have to deal with us.


4 Responses to “Happy Thursday…ur town..ur name??”

  1. danieladrien Says:

    Actually, and this is no reflection on you all as a family, but I feel sorry for the people behind you in line at the airport… Generally, at least from my experience, people in airports are seemingly disgruntled before they even get out of their cars… Being in line behind a family of 5 with two little babies probably won’t brighten their days at all 🙂 I can’t say if I were you I’d be too excited about that security check point either, I have a hard enough time getting through those things myself… I suppose I’m being negative, but it goes in keeping with me day… So, positivity, you’re going to Sea World, and that’s going to be great 🙂

    Incidentally, I’ve been to Shawnee, Kansas and I’m pretty sure I like ours better… As for all the Shawnee’s in the U.S…. How many could there be? (don’t answer that)

  2. sseifipour Says:

    So, here’s the deal with links.

    When you’re typing up your post, highlight the words you want linked, then click the little “insert link” button at the top of the text-editing box. (It looks like two chain links…well, linked.)

    Then all you have to do is enter the URL (copy and paste, my friend) and decide whether you want the link to open in the same window or a new window. Don’t worry about the other two boxes unless you just want to….

    On a side note, I have been to both Shawnee, Colorado and Shawnee, Kansas…in the same trip. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that makes me infinitely cooler than you.

  3. danielmatthews Says:

    I’m not sure that seeing multiple Shawnee’s in a single trip makes you cooler, but I won’t debate the details of what makes you cooler….bottom line..I lose that debate friend

  4. Anthony Says:

    What is cool is there is a place called Anthony, Kansas. Whoo hoo. 2400 people. Seems more people are interested in living in Anthony, Kansas than Daniel, Wyoming. 🙂

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