18 Months- an update of us

So, yesterday the twins turned a year and a half.  No big party here, just contemplation and thankfulness.  They are really coming into their own.  Their vocabularies are now well over a hundred words, and they pretty much repeat anything you say.  We talk about Dora, strawberries, and even the occassional cantalope.  It really sounds more like wanawope, but we get there point. 

On the coaching front, I have started my career as a T-ball coach.  Brandon Columbus and I are coaching a team.  The feared Orioles!!  Quite an adventure.  Our first game is next week and Kalen is very excited.  I’m sure I will update the blog with pics of the little tike…Oh, in case you care, his head is shaved now.  I think I am probably living a little vicariously through him.  It’s a parent thing.  My parents never let me…and I kind of have the scar thing going on in the back of my head!! 

We leave for Sea World three weeks from today, and everyone is quite excited.  It’s going to be great get away for us and comes at a great time.  We have so many wonderful memories at Sea World.  I have been going since I was a little kid and some of our best memories as parents are when we took Kalen.  We are flying this year which will be Kalen’s first flight and he is excited.  The girls run around the house saying “MAMU!!!”  I am sure we will be quite a sight around the airports.  Our five bags, two car seats, and a double stroller.  I can’t wait!!  I am sure we will take the computer to update the trip. 

Well, now that you are all updated…let the randomness begin.  Television, Family happenings, politics..it’s all comin friends


2 Responses to “18 Months- an update of us”

  1. danieladrien Says:

    Heyo! It’s Taron… Sea World huh? Never been, but I’d like to see that whale some day 🙂 As for your boy and the shaved head, I for one think that bald is the best hair style there is! 🙂 Later man!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Woo hoo! Welcome to the blogosphere outside of Myspace! It’s more better out here. 🙂

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